Getty images cancer that has spread from the primary location to other organs or parts of the body is called metastatic disease. The liver is a common place for metastases--especially from the breast, lung and gastrointestinal tract tumors like colon cancer, according to the merck manual. The symptoms of this condition may be nonspecific at first, but with time they become a bit more specific to the liver. canadian pharmacy viagra no prescription Weight loss a common early symptom of liver metastases from colon cancer is weight loss, according to the johns hopkins medicine website. Patients with liver metastases tend to lose their appetites, and this may contribute to the weight loss as well. highest mg viagra The primary colon cancer may be responsible for the weight loss, too. generic viagra without prescription Fatigue another nonspecific symptom of liver metastases from colon cancer is fatigue, or a general feeling of ill health. This is a nonspecific symptom, but when combined with other symptoms it may suggest a problem that a physician should investigate. Hepatomegaly hepatomegaly, or an enlargement of the liver, occurs when there are metastases to the liver. Sometimes the physician can feel specific nodules on the liver on examination; these nodules are clusters of the colon cancer that have traveled to the liver. viagra canada headquarters The liver itself may be hard or tender to the touch. real viagra online without prescription Ascites another symptoms of liver metastases may be fluid in the abdomen, called ascites. The collection of fluid can cause the liver to swell as well. over the counter like viagra Patients with ascites from liver metastases may be uncomfortable; sometimes a physician may have to drain some of the fluid with a needle to help the patient. generic viagra without no rx Jaundice metastases to the liver may cause jaundice. Excessive bilirubin in the blood causes this condition and can lead to yellowing of the white of the eyes and skin and itching of the skin. generic viagra usa pharmacy This is more common when the biliary system in the liver is blocked by a metastatic colon cancer mass. tadalafil effective viagra References cancer supportive care: metastatic cancer merck manual: metastatic liver cancer memorial sloan-kettering cancer center: about liver metastases johns hopkins medicine: colorectal cancer that has spread to the liver article reviewed by julie mendenhall last updated on: aug 18, 2011 trending now must see: slideshow & video   20 best muscle building foods   pilates bootcamp: flat abs for beginners   20 fat loss secrets advertisement people are reading related topics signs & symptoms of end stage metastatic colorectal cancer what is the survival rate for stage four colon cancer? What are the treatments for metastatic colorectal cancer? Metastatic colon cancer symptoms symptoms of metastatic colorectal cancer what is the treatment for metastatic colorectal cancer? buy viagra online Final stage colon cancer symptoms end stage liver cancer symptoms colon cancer treatments for metastatic colon cancer final signs before death with metastatic breast cancer what are the treatments for meta. viagra online